Videos from ASI 2009: H2Overdrive, DDRX, R-Tuned, Harley Davidson & more

Shaggy March 16, 2009 2

Here are some videos I took at ASI 2009 last week – it’s not everything I took so expect more within a few days or so, including Justice League, DJ Max Technika, the new Sea Wolf and more.

I definently suggest going to the direct links so you can watch it in youtube HD where it looks a bit better. 🙂


Here’s the link to see it in HD:

Dance Dance Revolution X:

(Thanks for the shout out BTW, I wasn’t expecting that! 🙂 )

Link so you can see it in HD:

Razing Storm

Link to see it in HD:

Sega Amusements booth (Harley Davidson, R-Tuned, Sega Challenge Bass Fishing, Brick People, more)

Link to see it in HD:

Betson/Raw Thrills Booth (H2Overdrive, Guitar Hero, DDRX, more)

Link for HD:

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