More details on Shining Force Cross revealed

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Game Watch has revealed some more juicy details on Sega’s new arcade RPG Shining Force Cross and with it my interest in the game is up but at the same time it looks like this is the kind of game that they don’t generally bring out overseas. I hope that they try anyways as it looks pretty cool as you can see from the screenshots. First off, this is another game that runs on Sega’s new Ringedge hardware, with Border Break being the first. The game is very colorful and while it still looks a bit like Gauntlet, it certainly is more advanced than Gauntlet is simply due to the item collection and selection aspect of the game, which is likely to be the sort of thing that would keep Sega from giving the game an international release. The game uses a touch screen system similar to what Sega used for Quest of D although this will not use trading cards like Quest of D did; it also offers players a chat function using the touch screen. Players can also customize the look and the voice of their character with the latter being an interesting aspect of the game I’d like to see in action. The cabinet design looks similar to what they will use for Border Break, and while I do not know of the name for the cabinet that they are using, it certainly appears to be the standard for what Ringedge will use in Japan.Click on the thumbnails below for a better view of the game.

sf21 sf22 sf23 sf14

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  1. ECM May 2, 2009 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    So, yeah, it’s Diablo/PSO with a touchscreen–sign me up!

  2. arcads4ever May 3, 2009 at 3:23 pm - Reply

    I would like it to come over seas. it sounds and looks cool and a breath of fresh air with the touch and seperate screen per person.

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