More details on Metal Gear Arcade (w/screens)

Shaggy June 4, 2009 2


I guess arcades can get some love at E3, at least where Konami is concerned. Since Hideo Kojima made the announcement during Konami’s E3 presser and already there is a lot of information on the game available online via various Japanese websites. While at the moment it sounds like a Japan-only release, the fact that they announced it at a US game conference gives me hope that maybe they will actually bring this into non-Japanese markets. According to this article translated from Japanese, it is unclear what they mean by “is expected to launch in the world, only to be released leading Japan” which could mean that it will be released in Japan first and later in other markets like Europe and the US. Beyond shots of the cabinet, we also have screen shots from the game available, a couple of which you can see by clicking on the thumbnails below. One thing that screenshots and videos will not be able to portray however, is a special 3D effect that the game will have thanks to some goggles that the cabinet will use. The game will also be online enabled and will share elements from MG: Tactical Online Action that is on the PS3.  I am quite happy to see something like this come to arcades, it’s a bit different from the normal fare we tend to see.

mgarc1 metalgeararc2 metalgeararc3 mgarc2

More images can be found here.

Also after looking closely at the cabinet image above, there appears to be a mouse sitting on the arm rests for controlling the view. Using a mouse in arcades isn’t new and it seems to be a new trend with Japanese made arcades as Sega recently has shown us with their new Border Break mech game which also uses a mouse controller.


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