Namco's Tank!Tank!Tank! looks like a blast (updated)

Shaggy June 4, 2009 1


A short time ago Namco revealed a new tank combat game that they had developed for arcades called Tank! Tank! Tank! and now we have a look at how it plays. Unfortunately the video Namco has released does not have any sound to it but it looks like an awful lot of fun to play, especially networked. It also looks great to, with a solid frame rate and excellent destructive physics that are absolutely necessary for this kind of game. The game has some elements from some games I enjoy to play, such as Iron Soldier, EDF 2017 and Tokyo Wars so I would line up to play it. If Namco releases this outside of Japan (and with a reasonable price tag for smaller ops, i.e. NOT $9000 per cab) and it plays as well as it appears here, then it very well could be a hit.

[Via AM-Net Blog]

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