Another look at why beach arcades are awesome

Shaggy July 9, 2009 0



One additional indicator that summer is in full swing in the northern hemisphere (in case you didn’t know already) are the number of articles highlighting beach arcades. I posted about one recently and here is another one, via Kotaku. Interesting to see it on Kotaku since they recently also had a post where the headline suggested that arcades in the US are all dead. The article which is the subject here was not written by the same person who posted the aforementioned headline however and they take a look at a couple different beach arcades from California to New Hampshire and delve into why these places are so awesome. Of course beaches aren’t the only places where you can find great arcades but in case you are visiting a beach, chances are you will find a nice arcade nearby.

BTW – I just noticed that the same writer added another article to Kotaku, this one covering CAX which is one of the larger arcade fan gatherings (if not the largest) in the US that happens on a yearly basis.

[When the Best Part of the Beach is the Arcade – Kotaku] [Discuss on the forum]

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