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GlobalVR has sent us some shots for each cabinet design for their upcoming racer, Twisted. They have also sent along a small press release detailing the game although I don’t see anything new there at the moment (click on the post break for that). The standard cabinet (32″) uses the same cabinet as what GVR used with NASCAR and NFS: Carbon; the Deluxe (42″) shares some similarities with both the Blazing Angels and NASCAR deluxe cabinets and the mini-motion is just like that but it has a motion-base under the seat but it otherwise takes up the same space as the deluxe model.  For a better view of each cabinet click on the images in this post and I will update this post with a price once I can find that out. Twisted will be released in September and should be making an appearance at AMOA 2009.

Twisted_32Std_CabPic_Lft2 Twisted_42Mot_CabPic_Rt

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Take a quick look at what’s in store for your location this September. GLOBAL VR’s new “thrill-racer” burst on the scene at the arcade industry Gala in Chicago last month and is now generating excitement the arcade industry hasn’t seen in quite a while. Small footprint, low price…BIG FUN!
Once you’ve seen the pictures of the game cabinet, check out the video at www.globalvr.com

Loop and leaps are front and center in this high-flying racing game. High powered F-Jet racers provide a totally exhilarating racing experience with fine-tuned handling, air controls and over boosted engines. Single player can enjoy the heart-pounding action or heighten the competition by linking up to 4 game cabinets. Standard racing rules apply…. But that is the only thing standard in this Twisted game!

Game features include:

  • Players can drive 4 different F-Jet all terrain racing beasts
  • Aerial handling and collision
  • 5 Race Tracks each with their own characteristics
  • Tackle enormous jumps, huge loops, ramps, pipes
  • Multiple surfaces types- asphalt, mud, sand, grass, metal

Track Categories

  • Aerobatics: Characterized by its twisted and menacing metal elements, which climb high into the air. Controlling speed is essential here to avoid the fatal fall.
  • Jump: Category brings one more element to control: the air. The F-Jet’s mobile wings and jet engines enable speed and trajectory control during jumps.
  • Super Cross: Category offers a surface made up mainly of dirt. Controlling drift is fundamental for negotiating the slopes and bumps.

Twisted: Nitro Stunt Racing is the first game available in GLOBAL VR’s Mini -Motion cabinet configuration. Taking up no more space than a deluxe 42” game, Twisted Mini-Motion takes the players to the next level by including the physical bumps, twists and turns of this fantastic racer! Twisted will be available in Standard 32” LCD, Deluxe 42” LCD and a Mini-Motion 42” LCD. See attached photos.

Please call your local GLOBAL VR distributor for more information about this or other GLOBAL VR products.


  1. arcads4ever August 23, 2009 at 11:26 am - Reply

    yawn U__U I hope the anoucement of new games are going to be better than this. its so disappointing that companies are relying on old formulars for arcade games. for god sakes its the millenium and we’re still playing mostly the same games but with mostly different themes. companies should be doing research and experimenting with technology that wasn’t possible before that allows new ways to play, original, fun and exciting to play as if you are playing a arcade game for the first time in your life and enjoyed every minute of it not just recyling old games with fancy graphics and familiar game play. companies can get ideas anywhere even from the wii and I know that there are loads of ideas that isn’t possible to play on the wii as of yet. but even when ideas have been used for the wii and nintendos next console they will never be able to extend big massic space, unless you lived in a really big house and theres lots of people who live in smaller homes. such as sega’s outrun dxsp, derby owners club and even games like a hockey table, billiards, pool, whack a mole and more so basket ball. yeah you can play billiards/pool on the wii but its not the same thing no matter what so don’t even go there.

    theres loads of things companies can do they just need to find out what can now be done and what new way of play they can come up with, they’re only limited to their imagination and the tools and technology thats now possible and after.

  2. Arcade Guy August 26, 2009 at 4:05 pm - Reply

    I hear a lot of complaining but not many ideas… Life is so easy being a monday morning quarterback, let me guess, you are a yankees fan? If you were a true arcade person you would realize that the “WII” technology originated in the arcades first… Mo Cap boxing… I do agree that years ago home consoles would grab arcade titles and know it is the opposite but the Raw Thrills products has been refreshing… Most are playing defense now but hopefully when the economy improves we will see some offense and new ideas.
    This TWISTED will be an awesome game and I am looking forward to it! If you do not like going to the arcades and playing “un original” titles then stay home and play with your computer,,, ooh I guess you are:)

    • arcads4ever August 26, 2009 at 9:26 pm - Reply

      don’t be cocky arcade guy, I love arcades. and I course I knew motion control originated in the arcades first such as konami’s sword game released way back in early 2002 that also had a foot pedal like time crisis and the golf game they released the same year too along with a tennis game (forget the names) and lets not forget LIVE ACTION PING PONG. I suppose I am being judge mental in a way as it does sound kinda cool that you can go loop da loop like you do in F-zero and sonic the hedgehog games. I do like what rawthrills are doing at the minute but I think if they do another fast and the furious I think they’ll be milking it too much with the licence and to be honest I’m sick of seeing FATF sequals. I don’t hate unoriginal games as long as their fun but I personally like original games that use new game play or controller that can’t be don’t at home like sega block people, still its a game thats not got me most excited about as I’m sure they’ll be some better anouncements.


      you probably think that because I know what I’m talking about and you don’t and I make sence about what should be done to help the arcade industry and what ideas should be applied

      FYI I’m from the UK 😛

  3. arcadesucka55 January 25, 2011 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    ive been to a few arcades that has the latest and greatest games out and there a con, same shit different name and charge u alot fricken more aswell.

    i can play the same stuff at home on my 360 or even play decent arcade titles in the form of mame or other emu software for FREE.

    id rather buy a game for 40 qyud unstead of chucking in 25 quid in a arcade machine that aint no different then whats out for home use.

    I luv the kinnect especially on the pc playing black ops 🙂

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