Sega Racing Classic the new Daytona?

Shaggy September 26, 2009 1


Via Sega Nerds

By looking at this artwork, it certainly appears that way – unless this is a fake of course, which I am trying to verify. If you listened to our last podcast, we actually discussed Daytona 3 and rumors behind an imminent release of the game. It was thought that the game would make an appearance at JAMMA last week but that didn’t happen. But thanks to some checking by a forum user at Sega Nerds, they have found the poster pictured above and from the looks of it, if this isn’t the new Daytona then it’s the closest thing to it. You might recall that with Sega Rally 3 it was first called “Super Challenge” before getting a name change. Also of note, this is the first game that will be using the Ringwide hardware, which is the less powerful than Ringedge which is running games like Border Break – again, assuming that this isn’t a hoax.

Stay tuned for more on SRC, I imagine that we will be finding out more about this very soon 😉

I would also like to mention a discussion that we have been having on the forums about a Raw Thrills’ game that according to the RT website is also called Daytona. According to Kevin Williams, rumor has it that RT is working on a “Daytona-killer” of their own. It is certainly strange that there is a page on the RT site dedicated to a game called Daytona.

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  1. arcads4ever September 29, 2009 at 8:02 pm - Reply

    it does sound true but ringwide? I mean I would have thought it would appear on the most powerful up to date machine, but I suppoese its down to how powerful ithe game is to run and above all keeping the cost down. I think its a good thing in a way as it makes daytona 3 more affordable by using hardware thats just enough to run Daytona 3 if its true. I reckon sega will either show this game at preview 2010 or atei 2010.

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