More details unveiled on Namco's Dead Storm Pirates

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(Thanks to reader kieranmay for the tip)

We have already mentioned Namco’s upcoming light-gun title known as Dead Storm Pirates a couple of times but up until now we really haven’t seen much other than the game cabinet. Now thanks to a new update to Highway Games, we have a much more detailed look at the game, which includes screenshots and more. First off the game will have five stages – four that the players can choose from and a final stage. Secondly, only the deluxe cabinet will feature the motion base and there will be a slightly smaller SD version although it will maintain the cockpit cabinet style so the players are shielded from outside noise to a certain extent.

Previously we have compared this to Sega’s Let’s Go Jungle and I still feel like it is maintaining that feel to it where the game will be stronger as a co-op game as opposed to a single player affair. In fact according to the brochure for the game (which is all in English interestingly enough, which indicates that this will be targeting markets outside of Asia) it labels the game as a “2 player closed booth gun style game”. We have already discussed the helm control in previous discussions on the game but I think that it’s a great addition which should shake up the feel of how the game works, almost combining a little bit of arcade racing with arcade light-gun shooting. Click on the thumbnails below to see the shots from the brochure.

deadpirate1 deadpirate2 deadpirate3 deadpirate4

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