Incredible Technologies announces Silver Strike LIVE for Q1 2010

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With Incredible Technologies rolling out the latest iteration of their Golden Tee series this month, I was wondering if we were going to hear anything about the other series they have been promoting heavily for the past few years – Silver Strike. As it turns out they have a new edition of that game preparing for a release in Q1 2010 and after the post break we’ve got plenty of details on the game. One of the most interesting aspects they have revealed about SSL is the increased focus on internet connectivity. Players will be able to win cash with every game if they so choose (although that will cost an extra $1 to play), which should prove to be a popular aspect of the game. The customization options in the game are also pretty substantial, you can find out more (including more screens) after the post break.

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Bowling with a trackball has been tried many times before, but Silver Strike Bowling is one game that really gets it right.  Why do you think that is?

There are a few reasons why SSB has been so successful.  First the trackball mimics an actual bowling shot so perfectly .  Pull back and push forward.  Simple and easy.

The second reason is the casual nature of bowling.  When compared to Golden Tee Golf, and all the variables that come into play on each shot, SSB is much simpler to understand and play.  This casual nature appeals to women as well as men widening the game’s audience.

Third, it’s the perfect blending of social entertainment and competitiveness.  You can hang with your friends and enjoy their company – and still compete against them.

Finally, the online component of SSB introduced in 2007 brings averages and statistics into the equation making for a deeper and more compelling gaming experience.

How successful has Silver Strike been for you guys?  Are there people who prefer it to actual bowling?

Silver Strike Bowling has been a huge success since its launch in 2004.  There are nearly 25,000 units in bars and pubs around the world with 10,000 of those units online.  You’ll even find it in arcades since kids love it too.

At a buck a game, the price is right.  I’m not sure if there are people who prefer Silver Strike to actual bowling, but it’s a lot easier to play SSB than trying to find a house ball that fits and renting stinky shoes!

Has Silver Strike Bowling been attracting professional players? Are there people who actually shoot for 300 at tournaments?

In August we concluded our four-month-long Silver Strike Bowlapalooza online tournament.  Bowlapalooza was four separate tournaments where we awarded $10,000 in prize money each month to the top 200 bowlers.  August’s top prize of $1,000 was won by a guy who averaged 298 for his best 25-game average.  He bowled over 800 games to accomplish this.  Clearly he was a man on a mission.

Over 900,000 games were bowled during Bowlapalooza.

Last year the winner of the Silver Strike Bowling National Championship won $10,000 from a total purse of $100,000.  We had the top 32 bowlers in the country all in one room.  They qualified online in their local pubs for the right to compete in Las Vegas.

Last weekend in Lake Geneva WI, the Club Lucky group of amusement operators representing nearly 1,000 bars and pubs across the country, conducted their Tournament of Champions.  They awarded over $25,000 in cash to 39 SSB pros.  The winner shot a 300 in the final match and took home $5,000.

Again – to underscore why the game is so popular – it appeals to the casual player and hard core player alike.  As players have said many times on our message boards: “It’s the most fun you can have for a dollar!”

What’s more fun to you, taking part in a huge Silver Strike tournament or just playing locally with friends?

Well, I’ve emceed the biggest tournaments ever held including the SSB National Tournament in the Bowling Suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas, and I’ve rolled games down at my local pub.  To tell you the truth I have a blast playing no matter where I am!

What color shirt does your bowler wear?

Since I tend to want to lead off, I usually play the blue guy.  But with SS LIVE, I’ll be able to create my own look and have it ready every time I play!

IT recently announced Silver Strike Live for Q1 2010 release.  What can we expect from this upcoming game?

Basically we’re taking the most popular tried and true features of Golden Tee LIVE and porting them over to Silver Strike.  For instance, every game will be a an online game. Whether you just want to play for fun and bragging rights – or you want to add a buck and play for cash, you’ll have a tournament option every game.  Win the 50-person tournament and pocket $10 from the $50 prize pool.

We’re adding Spare Challenge to the menu too.  Spare Challenge is a skill-shot contest that you can play for fun or cash.

And for players who may be a bit intimidated by tournament play, our Stats Play option allows for the tracking of stats and averages without the competitive element.

We’re allowing players to choose from a zillion different bowling ball designs as well.  Finally, we’re giving the player the ability to customize their bowler by lefty/righty, gender, face type, hats, shirts and pants.  When you play Silver Strike LIVE you’ll feel like you’re really a part of the game!
Do you expect Silver Strike LIVE to surpass the success of Golden Tee, or does it work better as a tag-team affair?

Golden Tee has been around for over 20 years and has the most loyal and dedicated player base of any pay-to-play video game in history.  We believe the new features of Silver Strike LIVE will resonate with players and continue to fuel its growth.  Besides the players who get a ton of bang for their entertainment buck, the amusement operators who buy our games and the locations where they’re placed win too.  Both games draw in a lot of people who eat, drink and play.

Are you guys planning on giving away bigger and better prizes with Silver Strike?  What about tournaments?

Since every game of SS LIVE is an online game, and the tournament options start on Day One, we’ll be awarding prize money right from the start.  Since Golden Tee LIVE debuted in 2005, over $15 million has been won by players.

Have you considered giving away cash prizes for “trick shots”, like 7-10 splits?

That’s what our new Spare Challenge is designed to do.  Pick up the most spares and win $10!  And yes, the dreaded 7-10 will be in there!

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