Sega's "Gettenka War History" card coin-op game

Shaggy November 12, 2009 0



Sega continues to roll out the coin-op card games to strengthen their hand in that segment of the market and the latest title to fill out their line-up is “Getteka War History”. Like other card generator games, the cabinet dispenses a card that the player can use every time they play and this particular game involves battling characters from the warring states period. While I cannot find out how many cards can be collected overall, they do have character, item and weapon cards that can be placed into the card reader on the cabinet to use those things in the game. At the moment this looks like a game that is targeting Asian markets but if Sega Card Gen proves to be a success in the US next year, I wonder if they start bringing games like this into other international areas.

[Via Game Watch] [Gettenka War website] [Discuss on the Forums]

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