Konami release Mocap Sports in Japan

Shaggy November 28, 2009 0

(thanks to Aaron Auzins for the tip)

Konami’s return to the Mocap arena is finally here, with the release of Mocap Sports in Japan. We’ve discussed this particular game a number of times already and we all know how it’s supposed to be Konami’s answer to Wii Sports for arcades. How far we will see Konami push this game into other territories remains to be seen but I would surprised if it didn’t test well in territories where most people who bought a Wii bought it for Wii Sports and little else.

In the mean time Konami has released a video of how to use the controllers in each game, giving us a better idea of how it’s supposed to work. The graphics don’t look like anything special from the video although they are a step up from WS.  I still would like to try it out myself and see if there’s more to it than waggling the controller and it’s interesting to see that they include wristbands on these, just like the Wiimote. You can watch the promo video here.

[Official Mocap Sports website] [Discuss on the Forums]

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