Metal Gear Arcade will be at AOU 2010

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We have been wondering what happened to konami’s Metal Gear Arcade – it turned heads when it was announced at the console game heavy e3 last year but after that the game suddenly disappeared. Game Watch is reporting that the game is finally coming out of hiding and in addition to a cabinet redesign, we also have the first look at the glasses that the game will use, which have been revealed to work out differently than initially expected. According to Game Watch: “3D Systems uses a TV, which delivers the depth of three-dimensional gaming experience.  Also, scroll the screen by moving the eyes, and determined the direction and the enemy attacks “Head Controller” has been adopted.” Which sounds like they are using a 3D TV and the glasses will work as a sort of mouse (which reminds me of the old Atari Mindlink but with interesting modern technology that senses eye movement instead of eyebrow muscle movement) that also includes a mic for voice chat. It’s a cool system that changes up the game although I wonder how they will hold up under a beating that they would likely get in some arcades, especially that camera on the side which looks like it’s begging to be snapped in half by certain kids.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for more on this one next week.

UPDATE: Here is a website for MGA, it will be updated soon with a video of the arcade game in action. You also can see that they have added a new control interface to the game than what was seen previously, including what looks to be a light-gun and another color control panel in the center. It looks like they are trying out several new ideas to entice people to try this out, setting it apart quite a bit from the home Metal Gear version, the only feeling I have is that it’s probably going to cost an arm and a leg to obtain.

[Via Game Watch] [Discuss on the forums]

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    Video and new images live!

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