Pentavision teasing DJ Max Technika 2

Shaggy March 6, 2010 1


Pentavision is teasing their follow-up to their popular arcade music title DJ Max Technika with a new teaser site. The site doesn’t reveal anything about the game other than some colorful logos and a new name, DJ MAX Emotional Sense Technika 2 Crew Race. I certainly look forward to finding out more about this new game as the first one has made waves in coin-op music gaming (especially if you judge it by the number of clones that are produced using the DJ MAX concept) but as an operator I hope that the game will have a better price point than the first one did as $11k for a 1 player game is a bit difficult to swallow, no matter how cool the game is, at least for us smaller guys. More @ Ruliweb Also: teaser website

Also on another music game note, there are some videos of the new PIU Fiesta out there on Youtube. The game will be released next week when Amusement Expo hits and it seems to be sporting features that PIU fans are excited about.[Via Bemanistyle]

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