So what was at the Electrocoin Park Avenue Open Day event?

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Arcade Heroes contributor Kevin Williams was at a recent arcade event held by UK Distributors Electrocoin and United Distributing Company and brought along his camera. So what was at the event? Keep on reading by hitting the link below…


First off was somewhat of a surprise – Taito’s Elevator Action Death Parade. We knew that this was being made available internationally a short time ago but this is the first time the game has been seen outside of Japan that I know of. I still kind of wish that they had made it like Elevator Action Returns, which is one of my personal favorites as it’s a fun (scratch that: awesome) side-scroller. But it still looks like fun, with an original twist on gun games with elevator doors that open and close in front of the screen. The way they integrated the doors into the game itself is one thing that really makes this interesting. One problem with the game is the high $15k USD price tag that I heard quoted, not sure if Electrocoin will be carrying it for less or not.

Taito’s Hopping Road. I know it’s geared more for kids but I’d like to try it out one day. This is also available outside of Europe but I’m not sure how common it is out there.

Taito’s Panic Museum.

Next up is Konami’s The BishiBashi. It’s a three player party game with a redemption angle to it. It looks snazzy and while party games aren’t my favorite kind of game out there, I do think that they are additions to an arcade line-up that would be nice to see more of.

Also from Konami, GTI Club.

In this corner…D1GP, Chase HQ2 and in the pic below that, X-Putt, Winner’s Cube, Tank! Tank! Tank!

Taking a quick break for a second at the BBQ…

…and back into the fun with Namco’s Tank! Tank! Tank!

Electrocoin’s unique Golden Tee cabinets

Sega Racing Classic (still sadly overpriced by a huge margin)

Ironman and Big Buck Hunter Pinball by Stern

Kevin takes a couple of breaks at the bar

and afterwards seeing how well he can throw some balls at a screen with VOGO’s StarBall

United Distribution

While there aren’t as many pics from United’s side, there were a few things there, including Dj Max Techinka, Twisted Nitro Stunt Racing and a bunch of redemption products

Thanks to Kevin for the pics! Be sure to sign up for his free e-newsletter, The Stinger Report if you haven’t already!

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