New game news: Namco's Deadstorm Pirates now available in the US + Razing Storm going to PS3 + DSP on PS3 already?

Shaggy June 15, 2010 6

Most attention in the gaming world is being focused on E3 right now but that shouldn’t stop us from getting some news about arcades thrown out into the ether here.

I should have discussed this weeks ago but I missed out on it partially because I was on my trip. Namco’s newest PS3-powered light-gun shooter is now available in distribution, a game we have covered here several times known as Deadstorm Pirates. Having played it a few times at a couple of different arcade shows, it’s a fun and beautiful-looking game that has a large focus on co-op play and it is further set apart by the use of a wheel controller (which gives the game a sort of Lucky & Wild vibe to it, although the wheel is only used in certain events as opposed to 100% of the time). Here is a video of the ending to the game I caught at Amusement Expo in March. You can also visit the official page for the game here, be sure to keep an eye out for the game next time you visit a local arcade.

I wonder if we could eventually see a smaller version of this hit arcades, sort of like what they did with Razing Storm. At the moment there are two configurations of the game available, a motion-base version and a non-motion one. The non-motion one will be getting most of the attention in the US due to price but we did see a smaller, standup version of Let’s Go Jungle with mounted guns at a lower price than the “theater unit”, perhaps we could see something similar with DSP (not that Namco has indicated such a move, this is purely my own speculation).

UPDATE: Looks like Razing Storm is coming to the PS3 – Joystiq is saying Time Crisis is coming to the system but the screenshot they posted is definitely from Razing Storm(After looking a little closer the blurry screenshot says that the title of the game is Time Crisis: Razing Storm). We’ll have to wait and find out more as the source obviously doesn’t realize that this Time Crisis is apparently an arcade port. It’s not entirely unexpected but I did hope that we’d have a little more time before a port came along.  Joystiq source ;

Kevin Williams sent me a link to a promo for Time Crisis: Razing Storm.

2nd UPDATE: Deadstorm Pirates already coming to PS3? I thought that the days of releasing home ports of arcade games a few months after the arcade release  had passed us by but according to this post on Waxing Erratic, they already have Deadstorm Pirates listed as part of a bundle of games coming out for the new goofy light-gun on the PS3 which comes out in September. Granted the arcade experience is the way to go if you come across it but I still think that it is a bad plan to be bringing brand new arcade titles home when the arcade version has barely had a chance to make a name for itself. Of course, the strategy here could be that the home version is supposed to gin up interest in the arcade version(which isn’t new as we have a few home games that have been ported to arcades) but when they are asking operators to drop nearly $15k for a game that people can get for cheap on a home console, it’s harder to justify that arcade purchase.  Very disappointing from the arcade side but I guess if you have a PS3 it’s reason enough to be happy and an easier way to come across the game.

Addendum: I should note that my criticism here is towards the console arm of Namco and not the arcade side. I doubt that the arcade guys are very happy about this and it wasn’t their decision to make as far as I know. At least Razing Storm has been in arcades for about two years (although is that enough time to pay off an $18,000 game and have it make a tiny bit of profit for the operator? the SD version which is half that price or less just barely came out at least) but releasing Deadstorm Pirates to consoles the same year as the arcade is a practice I really disagree with. On the flip-side, maybe this release will inform people of Namco’s new arcades and maybe they will go out looking for the superior arcade versions but that’s a maybe. I have noticed in coverage on this PS3 bundle that very few people realize that both Razing Storm and Deadstorm Pirates are new arcade titles, even the writers of the articles aren’t always pointing that out. Hopefully this bundle package will not leave any doubt about the games being ports (and why not include an online-enabled arcade finder feature to soften the blow for operators?)


  1. igo June 15, 2010 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    They have had this at the dave and busters near me for at least three weeks now. It is a real fun game to play and has great graphics and sound.

    • gustave154 September 7, 2010 at 4:30 pm - Reply

      i played it with my friend at my local arcade and finished it in one go.
      by the time we came out alot of people was watching us play and was waiting to play the game. awesome game definitely gonna recommend.

  2. arcades4ever June 22, 2010 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    play dead storm pirate today in manchesters trafford centre’s namco station and loved it, robbing bastards though charging £2 a go, good job it was just a £1 to continue.
    I can’t see how dsp is going to work on the ps3 LOL I would much prefer the arcade version anyway compaired to the ps3 version. for a start how are they gonna inncorperate the ships wheel feature? not only that it won’t be the same as the moving seats either, the arcade version is where its at 🙂

    • Shaggy June 22, 2010 at 8:05 pm - Reply

      I read that they will do the wheel by having the player draw circles on the screen, like what you get in some Wii games. That’s a far cry from an actual wheel but I can’t see them producing a new pirate wheel you’d only use in that one game.

      Too bad it’s £2 to start but if it’s the motion version that is probably why – the game was more expensive to buy and so they charge more. That and they probably feel that it’s more justifiable since you’re being thrown around.

      • arcades4ever June 22, 2010 at 9:42 pm - Reply

        no I think its because its new, I remember going to namco station 2 years ago when sega rally 3 just come out and it was £2 to play at first there yet the sega rally3 in leeds hollywood bowl is just a pound. I also remember the house of the dead 4 in namco wonder park (before forced to close down) used to be £2 at first but then dropped it down. drawing cirlces on the screen doesn’t sound like the dead storm pirates to me and how are you suppose to dodge stuff like the snake boss? I would rather much play the arcade version as you’ll get bored after the first hour with the home version to be honest.

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