Konami's new bemani game: Reflec Beat

Shaggy June 26, 2010 2

We first heard about Konami’s latest addition to their line-up of bemani games some time ago but despite a number of location tests in Japan, they did a pretty good job of preventing any pictures or video of the game from getting out onto the internet. Fortunately that information embargo on the new Reflec Beat has come to an end as Dasbacon of Bemanistyle.com has posted a video of the game in action. There is no question that the game has DJ Max Technika in it’s sights, with greater focus on reflexive action than other finger music games I have seen. See for yourself in the video below – Reflec Beat seems destined to be one of those games you’ll only see as a special import out of Japan on a rare occasion but you never know.

[More info @ Bemanistyle.com]


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