A look at the Sega and Namco/Brent Openday Events by The Stinger Report

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Yesterday, AH writer HeavyElectricity published the first part of his report on the Sega Amusements 2010 Product launch, where you can get a great preview at what Sega and Namco is bringing to market at the end of this year.  As it turns out, Namco/Brent Sales decided to hold a product open day on the same day and Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and Nik Thorpe of Arcade Heroes met up to check out both shows. Nik will be posting his thoughts and details on this later today, and in this present post you can get a view of both shows thanks to Kevin Williams.

First is Sega:

Proof positive that not everything looks better in the 3D

Sega’s new shooter and sequel to Let’s Go Jungle, Let’s Go Island. You can see AH writer Nik giving the game a go below.

Paul Williams, head of Sega Amusements USA plays the new GRID with five others. I like the redesigned Sega Racing Classic cabinet they are using here.

Sega Racing Classic and HUMMER, which were released earlier this year.

The Game Gate VU beckons players to try some console gaming at the arcade


While we had thought that only Sega was going to be showing off some new products on the 22nd, it turns out that Namco/Brent Sales was ready to show off some of their new content as well.

This is the first sighting of Namco’s Dead Heat in Europe.

Also, it’s the first sighting of Raw Thrills’ Super Bikes 2 in the territory.

Deadstorm Pirates (and Tank! Tank! Tank!) were also there to play

Terminator Salvation and H2Overdrive

Redemption game Pocket Typhoon

Once again thanks to Kevin Williams for the pictures, be sure to visit his site, The Stinger Report and sign up for his industry newsletter if you haven’t already. Also, stay tuned for impressions on these games from Arcade Heroes writer Nik Thorpe, coming later today.


  1. arcades4ever September 24, 2010 at 2:08 am - Reply

    onyl 4 games to look foward to to next year? how disappointing. I was expecting a little more than this but I guess theres still time to show new stuff before early next year, though what I’d like to know is why pacman battle royale wasn’t there and pengo too? wonder what konami and all the rest have in store?

    • arcadehero September 24, 2010 at 6:20 am - Reply

      I am sure that we will see more at IAAPA. These are offerings by the European divisions, I don’t believe that Namco Europe develops video games, they simply bring over what is done in Japan or the US. Sega Europe seems to have a game of their own per year, which is nice that they get to do that but Sega Japan will keep cranking out games that we haven’t heard of yet. I would be very surprised if Pengo isn’t at least tried out in other territories. That game should be ridiculously dirt cheap, it’s obviously a kit since we haven’t seen a cabinet made just for it and since there is very little improvement over the original graphics, it’s going to have to be super cheap to move units but I think it could work in the US and Europe, no problem.

  2. RJAY63 September 24, 2010 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    GRID – as much as I like coin-op racers I can’t get excited about a conversion of a two year old home game. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere anybody who wanted to play this title surely has done by now. Now if they released an arcade version of the forthcoming Gran Turismo 5……….

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