New releases: Super Bikes 2, Dead Heat, Terminator Salvation standard

arcadehero October 18, 2010 2

You’ve read about these games on Arcade Heroes and now you may soon find a chance to play them at a location near you. BMI Gaming shows that the three games listed in the headline: Super Bikes 2 and Terminator Salvation Standard edition by Raw Thrills and Dead Heat by Namco are now available for purchase.

Super Bikes 2 saw a minor delay as we originally reported that the game would be available in September; you can also read about the Terminator Salvation 32″ cabinet details here. Raw Thrills has also updated their website with the standard information on each game.

We were also the first to break news about Namco’s Dead Heat back in March of this year along with the first major details on the game in July. While we’re on Namco, in case anyone was wondering what happened to Pac-Man Battle Royale which originally reported to be getting a September release, BMI Gaming shows that currently the game is on track for shipping in late November, probably the week after IAAPA. According to the PMBR Facebook page, they are giving more location tests to this game than any other I know of in recent memory and are using those tests to help drive hype for the game.

We’ve moved each of these titles into the “Already Released” category on our New Games Watch List.

Super Bikes 2

Dead Heat

Terminator Salvation 32” (about 20sec in)


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