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arcadehero November 16, 2010 3

If you have been following my Twitter feed today then you have probably seen a number of grainy photos from the IAAPA show floor (or Round 1)- I didn’t have time to post everything so no worries, there is more. Right now let’s eschew the grainy photos for some excellent pictures that come to us thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report. I have taken a number of videos already although I won’t be able to upload them just yet. There is more video content this time however than the last IAAPA, so there is plenty to look forward too.

Just click on the link below to see our first official round of pictures, along with some details of each item. Here’s what you can expect: Quasimoto’s Let’s Kinect (Microsoft’s Kinect as a coin-op product);  I will be getting into more details on these games and the companies in the following days.

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UPDATE#1: I received an e-mail from Fillmore Games, they have posted a bunch of IAAPA pictures here as well.

A big surprise we came across was the Quasimoto booth where we had a new version of the Game Gate VU on hand. They are no longer working with Sega on this and they already have the Microsoft Kinect integrated with the unit. More on this soon.

As Kevin and I began to walk the show floor, first game we came across which was Mozarc at the Game Plus booth. They also had a consumer game consumer cabinet running Street Fighter IV

After that we came across Namco’s booth with 8 Dead Heat units setup, a couple of Tank! Tank! Tank! units, a standard Razing Storm

After going around the Namco booth we came across UNIS (Universal Space) where they had the only stereoscopic 3D game at the show. Called Forest Guardian 3D, it’s about 60% done. The guns feel good and the 3D effect is great the feel of the shots needs some work as do the graphics but it’s a very interesting prototype we’ll have to keep an eye on. Needs 3D glasses though.

Crazy Speed Arcade was also there with four units. The game supports multiple languages, features several modes including card support.

They also had Waterpark Splash on hand, which we had covered a short time ago. The game recognizes which stream of water is coming from which player and features several mini-games.

After that we dropped by the InJoy Motion Corp. booth which had some redesigned cabinets of Dido Kart and Street Racing Stars, new software for Top Gunner and PowerBoat GT.

Wandering past the Arenaline Amusements booth, they have a new game on hand called TouchFX which features a huge 47″ multi-touch screen. It will handle a number of games, is made for either the redemption or video game market and is about 80% complete.

Dance Dance Revolution X2 was at the Betson booth. I didn’t see any Konami reps around today to answer questions about that but we will make an effort to get that tomorrow.

DJ Max Techinka 2 was sitting across from the Betson booth, two of these were at the Pentavision Global booth.

A suprise at the Sega booth was Taito’s Hopping Road. We heard that this should be available in the US but this is the first time we’ve seen it here.

The Friction kit was seen in a Time Crisis 2 cabinet. I played through it again and they’ve changed several things about the game, increasing the action and adding a stats screen between rounds.

We have more to share but I am out of time. More Twitter updates and the webcast tomorrow!


  1. Arcades4ever November 19, 2010 at 5:08 am - Reply

    When are the rest of the pics gonna be uploaded? I can’t wait anymore cuz I’m dying to see sega’s golden gun and the 2 other mystery games >_<

    • arcadehero November 19, 2010 at 7:21 am - Reply

      I am uploading more videos right now – Golden Gun is on my Youtube channel but once Let’s Go Island is finished I will be doing a post about Sega. Hang tight!

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