IAAPA 2010: Microsoft Kinect integrated into legal arcade cabinet by Quasimoto Interactive

arcadehero November 18, 2010 5

I have been able to upload my first video taken from IAAPA 2010 and the first thing I’ll share that was a big surprise at the show is Quasimoto Interactive’s Let’s Kinect coin-op cabinet. Quasimoto previously had the Game Gate VU, a coin-op cabinet that allows operators to install a modern game console on-site legally and they have already developed a legal public solution for the Kinect. You can see it in action below – I had a chance to test it out myself (which is also the first time I’ve had the opportunity to use a Kinect) and I was impressed with the results. With the right kind of game I think something like this will do well and the price on these is great too.

UPDATE: For those curious about this cabinet, they use iGames for the licensing, which is what allows for the legal usage of the system, including a number of 3rd party titles. I was told that Dance Masters was on display at the booth on the first day of the show but they didn’t have it up when I happened to wander by to film, which was day two of the expo. I did not notice any problems with the game when I gave it a try with people walking behind me, I was impressed with how well it actually worked.

Stay tuned, there’s much more to come, including videos of new arcade products by Sega, Namco, Raw Thrills and several others!

[Quasimoto website]

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