Stinger feeds: Real-life Frogger, Sonic’s 20th birthday, arcade art

arcadehero January 4, 2011 1

Newsfeeds 980-982 via The Stinger Report

I’ve got a little catching up to do with Stinger newsfeeds once again as we have a few minor stories to look at.

First is something that has been making the rounds all over the internet, a real-life Frogger incident that goes as you probably expect. No additional lives or resets to save you if you try something this stupid – fortunately for the guy who tried this he lived. [Via G4TV]

Next up is Sonic’s 20th anniversary this year. I don’t expect to see anything Sonic related for arcades but you never know – Sega Amusements USA has recently produced a Sonic themed air hockey table and a Sonic themed coin-op basketball game. Sonic has been in arcades a couple of times before, and beyond cameos: there was the Mega-Tech and Mega Play platforms which were coin-opified versions of the Genesis that could hold multiple carts and two Sonic games were available for those; Segasonic The Hedgehog for their System 32 hardware (an arcade exclusive Sonic game with an isometric view and controlled by a trackball); or the strange Sonic The Fighters, another arcade exclusive that was a 3D fighter. It’s also the 20th anniversary for Sega’s Puyo Puyo, which also had a few arcade outings to speak of so who knows what Sega might do with these games.They certainly will have more to offer for game consoles, although they’ve never really let up on the Sonic releases there – what better way to celebrate the series than with a specialized arcade title? They brought back Monkey Ball to arcades recently as well as Pengo and Daytona, so never say never when it comes to remakes or revisits. [Via Game Watch]

Finally, a piece of arcade artwork that Kotaku has a link to.

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