New arcade auction company opening – American Amusement Auctions

arcadehero January 10, 2011 1

(Thanks to Jonathan of for the tip!)

If you’re in the market for coin-op equipment then auctions are always a good place to find a variety of machines at good prices, when they have such machines to auction off. Last year we even got a chance to watch an arcade auction happen live in California thanks to Phil Arrington. Now a new company has been formed which will focus solely on amusement-related auctions, American Amusement Auctions. Their first auction is slated to take place in February in Mesquite, TX, subsequent auctions will be listed here. That list should expand as word about the company spreads. I certainly would love to visit an arcade auction one day and maybe pick up a thing or two for my own location.

You can visit the American Amusement Auctions website here.

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