EAG 2011 preview: UNIS and Friction

arcadehero January 21, 2011 2

Next Tuesday, the biggest coin-op expo of Europe will take place – EAG. Many new games will make an appearance there, some of which were seen at IAAPA this past November in the US and some games will be seen for the first time anywhere. We’ve received information on a couple of companies you can expect to see there, UNIS and Coast To Coast Entertainment. Hit the break below for more information on each.

Also, be sure to check in to Arcade Heroes next week for pictures, video and more covering the games of EAG!

First off is UNIS, also know as Universal Space. They had a nice booth at IAAPA with a variety of games to see and it appears that their EAG booth will be similar. Here is the flyer, they are teamed up with PMT Sales and will be found at Booth 720

Next is Coast to Coast Entertainment. At IAAPA they were showing off the new light-gun shooter Friction where they received an “amazing response” regarding the game and they will be bringing the game to Europe for the first time. UDC is Coast To Coast’s exclusive distributor in the region. No word on whether the same cabinet will make an appearance there or if it will be in something else, we’ll have to wait and see. Friction can be found at booth 320.

Friction as seen at IAAPA 2010, running in an old Time Crisis 2 cab


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