New Super Mario Bros. Wii World Coins on loctest in Japan

arcadehero February 2, 2011 5

Newsfeed 995 via The Stinger Report

Back in December of last year, Capcom unveiled that they were working with Nintendo to bring New Super Mario Bros. Wii to Japanese arcades in the form of a medal game (which is essentially redemption for the Japanese market). We only saw a flyer for the game at that time but now an actual machine has been seen on location test in Japan, as seen above via Small Room Aries. The full name of this version is New Super Mario Bros. Wii World Coins and the game features split-screen play and various mini-games that  challenge players against each other in an effort to win medals. We assume that it uses Capcom’s Wii-based arcade hardware, although I haven’t seen a confirmation of that. It just seems likely.

Speaking of loctests in Japan, SRA also shows that Namco’s Pac-Man Battle Royale is now being tested there as well. In case you missed it, PMBR is now available in North America and Europe.


  1. Kamran February 2, 2011 at 11:14 pm - Reply


    And its redemption?!


  2. Arcades4ever February 3, 2011 at 2:09 am - Reply

    This would work really well in western arcades except they could customise it to be ticket payout instead of tokens. New super Mario bros wii has sold millions of copies after been released just over a year and this would really be a great addition to the arcade scene and a super smash bros of course too 😉

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