Fighter news: Koihime Dream Arcade Edition & more Tekken Tag 2

arcadehero February 13, 2011 1

Newsfeeds 1,001 & 1,002 via The Stinger Report

Since we have some similar news to look at sent to us by The Stinger Report, I am going to combine a few of these items into one post.

With AOU 2011 quickly approaching some developers have already begun teasing their games and with that we have a couple of fighters to look at. First is Koihime Dream Arcade Edition, a high-def 2D fighter that focuses on scantily clad, anime women duking it out. I guess it will be out there to give the Arcana Heart series a little run for it’s money. has some semi-NSFW screens of that one.

There there is Namco’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Twitter has been buzzing with some pictures taken of the game running on an arcade cabinet, as well as that poster seen above which finally gives us an idea of the player roster. Hit up Andriasang for the other pics. In addition to that, we find out from AM-Net that the game is actually running on some new hardware, currently dubbed “System 369”. We don’t know anything else about it at the moment although we can probably assume that it’s a more powerful variation of their System 357 hardware, which is based upon the Sony Playstation 3. Namco did something like that with their boards that were based upon both the PS1 and PS2 as well by adding more memory or higher clock speeds, etc. so it’s no surprise that they would do that with the PS3. Of course if the game takes a large advantage of the new abilities found in the enhanced hardware, one has to wonder what might be “dumbed down” in the probable console release down the road.

Both games will be at AOU later this week where we will certainly find out more.

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  1. Joe February 17, 2011 at 12:18 am - Reply

    So happy to hear Tekken Tag 2 isn’t on NESiCA.

    That Koihime fighter looks interesting… will definitely give it a serious look!

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