Battleblock Theater as an arcade @ PAX East

arcadehero March 13, 2011 1

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If you follow news in the console world, then there is one event that has taken place this past weekend that is pretty much impossible to avoid – Penny Arcade Expo East, or PAX East for short. When this event took place last year, we saw some arcade love to spread around (Arcade is in the PAX name afterall, even though the focus is mainly on console stuff) – game company The Behemoth put their popular Castle Crashers beat ’em up into a cabinet and there was a room dedicated to classic arcade machines provided by the American Classic Arcade Museum. So how are things turning out for arcades at the event this year?

The Behemoth has once again brought along their unique arcade version of Castle Crashers but apparently that was popular enough to warrant the “arcadification” of another one of their titles, Battleblock Theater. If you need to get up to speed on that title, the official website is here. As you might expect, I still would love to see these games get some official arcade support, although Castle Crashers seems like it would work out better (although Battleblocks is certainly a unique competitive game). Game blog Joystiq has all the photos.

ACAM is there with an even larger arcade room this year but so far I haven’t come across any photos of what that is like yet, hopefully we will have some of those to show off soon.

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  1. Adam Coate March 14, 2011 at 11:46 am - Reply

    Yeah, Castle Crashers would make a good arcade game. But everyone falsely believes that the coin-op market is dead.

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