Fruit Ninja hacked for VR amusement purposes

arcadehero March 29, 2011 0

Newsfeed 1026 via The Stinger Report

Fruit Ninja just keeps finding ways to make itself viable for the amusement market. It’s already available in a large touch screen format as Fruit Ninja FX and now this hack of the handheld version of the game by some students in Germany gives us Fruit Ninja VR. This isn’t an official product of course but it shows us an interesting idea that would only be commercially practical in the amusement industry – I could already see a hack n’ slash game coming out of this in the future.From the description of the project on Youtube:

VR-Project at FH-Wedel Germany in a 4 sided CAVE Virtual Reality based on 3D cognition, placed sounds over a 5.1 sound system, buttkickers in the floor and haptic feedback through a Wii-Mote. Tracking over a infrared camera tracking system.

Here’s the video:

Source: VR Fruit Ninja Game Hack Makes Slashing Fruit Even More Fun – UberGizmo

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