From the floor of Midwest Gaming Classic 2011

arcadehero April 26, 2011 0

About a month ago, gamers descended upon the Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel in Brookfield, WI for an annual event where arcade and pinball gaming is a prominent part of the event. That event was the Midwest Gaming Classic and you can see quite a bit of it in the video below, created by They had some awesome games there, a few of which you don’t see too often(especially when it comes to pinball). There even is a quick glance at the fighter Dark Presence there about 3 min in. About 6 min in is Ben Heck’s Bill Paxton Pinball machine – beyond that there are some items which may be of interest to you if you like classic game consoles, so check it out (including some very rare game consoles like the Pippin and NUON although they should have had Tempest 3000 playing in that instead of Ballistic).

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