IGS teases Knights of Valour 3

arcadehero April 28, 2011 0

Brand new 2D brawling/beat ’em up arcade games are a rarity in this day and age but they are not extinct. One company has been keeping the genre alive with an occasional release, and that company is IGS, an arcade game maker based in Taiwan. As recently as 2008 they released Oriental Legend 2, an outstanding 2D brawler with many characters to choose from, levels to play through and some RPG elements such as inventory and leveling up that players could enjoy. Today IGS unveiled a teaser site for a sequel to another beat ’em up series that is a part of their game portfolio, Knights of Valour 3 or Sangoku Senki 3. So far very little is known about the title as the teaser page only features a song and a silhouette of the game characters standing together in a group. I imagine that this will still be done in 2D and perhaps for the PGM2 hardware but we’ll have to wait to find out. I also wouldn’t mind it if they did a version in English, but that’s unlikely. KoV3 will be released sometime later this year.

Knights of Valour 3 Teaser Site

To get an idea of what Knights of Valour is like, here’s a video from KoV2

[Via Arcade Belgium]

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