InJoy Motion reveals two new games – Project X-Pher and Dido Kart 2

arcadehero May 4, 2011 1

As a part of the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2011 coverage, we were expecting some new games to show up and we have some details on two of them which will be available not just in Taiwan but worldwide this year. These are by InJoy Motion Corp., who we have covered before at different trade shows with arcade games like Street Racing Stars, Top Gunner, Power Boat, Panzer Elite Action and Dido Kart. One thing that helps set them apart is that all of their titles use motion bases and a large majority of their games are arcade exclusive as well. The two new titles in question are called Project X-Pher and Dido Kart 2 and they are both currently on display at the InJoy Motion booth at the GTI Expo that is underway in Taiwan.

Let’s start off with the new addition, Project X-Pher, pictured to the right(click for a full view). This game reminds me of Lucky & Wild (much like their proof-of-concept Cruiser did) but here, the left player drives a tank/rover type vehicle while the right player shoots, mixing the two popular arcade genres into one. The light-gun that is mounted on the right is the same kind of controller InJoy used in their Top Gunner game, which has some wicked and varied force feedback built into it. The entire seat is also on top of a motion base. The game itself appears to pit the player(s) against hordes of alien bugs in futuristic environments. It’s too hard to judge on how it looks graphically at this point since all we have are thumbnail stills, but we should have video of this and Dido Kart 2 in action within the next few days.

Dido Kart 2 is obvious in the fact that it’s a sequel to their other motion based racing game, Dido Kart. This time around they are putting a stronger emphasis on the characters along with improved graphics. The first Dido Kart was a straightforward kart-racing game enhanced by the motion base, I imagine that here they will take what worked with the first game and improve upon it.

We’ll have more details on both of these games soon, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Photo of two Project X-Pher cabinets via Expo Frontier. The one on the left is a smaller cabinet that appears to be a single player version of the game.


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  1. MasterFygar May 11, 2011 at 6:29 am - Reply

    Project X-Pher looks awesome. On the rare occurrence that any locations within 4 hours of me get one I’ll be sure to give it a lot of play time.

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