A closer look at Tecway’s Dino Survivor

arcadehero May 11, 2011 0

We’ve heard about Dino Survivor before, a mounted light-gun dinosaur shooting by Taiwanese company Tecway Development Co.. But until now, we hadn’t seen the game in action. Tecway sent along the video below and some information on the game to give us a better idea of what it’s all about as previously information was scant and mostly in Chinese. This marks the first time a dinosaur themed game has come along to the market since Sega’s Primeval Hunt in 2008. Dino Survivor features include “5.1 surround sound, electric rotating Gatling gun imitation, simulation experience” and this version seen above varies slightly from the first theater cabinet we saw that included stereoscopic 3D, this version above removes that for a more traditional viewing experience. No details yet on price/availability but I’m checking into that. Here is a low-rez video of the game being played that we were also sent.

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