Taito introduces Kickthrough Racers

arcadehero May 11, 2011 1

Taito appeared to have some decent success on their unusual Hopping Road arcade game, a title where you raced along on pogo sticks and now they are taking the concept to the next level by using scooters. Called Kickthrough Racers, this sequel of a sort to Hopping Road has similar, cel-shaded graphics, 2 players per cabinet and a unique controller that features a foot lever behind the player that they push on with one foot for speed. There are multiple, cutesy characters to pick from but no indication yet as to how many levels there will be to pick from. While Hopping Road was released in Europe (and it was supposed to come to the US but so far we’re still waiting on that) I wonder if this would have a little more success as it seems to require a little less physical effort on the part of the player.

Kickthrough racers is currently on test in Japan and is slated for a September release for 780,000¥ (currently around $9600USD).

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  1. Arcades4ever May 12, 2011 at 10:07 am - Reply

    This game makes me think of an arcade game released years ago called frenzy express. It was a scooter game and the difference between this game and frenzy express is that there was a roller on the platform that you had to scrape with your foot and not unlike in this game. The game play was just like crazy taxi except you were a delivy boy on a scooter picking parcels and delivering them to other people waiting for them. I fine it weired though that the pedal is on the back of the scooter instead of either side as thats not how you would go on a regular scooter. I think we may get this when its released since hopping road has been a sucess and there is even a hopping riad game near me.

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