Darius Burst Another Chronicle’s widescreen makes it into Guinness

arcadehero May 27, 2011 2

(Thanks to Bryan for the tip)

World records are found on pretty much everything these days, and arcades are no exception. And we’re not just talking about high scores either, although for the most part high scores are tracked mostly with classic titles. The latest arcade title to gain a “world record” has nothing to do with a score but with the hardware itself. Taito’s Darius Burst Another Chronicle didn’t have a hard time gaining some attention last year with it’s Japanese release and it has been added to the Guinness World Record holders for the “Widest aspect ratio for an arcade machine”. I’m guessing that games like Galaxian 3 or F355 Ferrari don’t quite make the cut for some reason, although I don’t know the exact aspect ratio on those particular games. Maybe it’s because of DBAC’s practically seamless image.  Still, it’s something to Taito to brag about as we wait with baited breath for the game to make it’s debut in the US sometime this year.

Now what other world records can the arcade industry aim for? The most “unique application of a steering wheel in an arcade game” is probably a given or in the spirit of Darius, how about the most insane sound system to be found in an arcade? I still haven’t came across something to completely top T-Mek there. Or perhaps a world record for largest number of players per cabinet award? I’m just pulling them out of the air here since it seems like that’s what goes on anyways in terms of “world records”.Anyone have some suggestions?

See Darius Burst’s Guinness Record here


  1. Arcades4ever June 1, 2011 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    With the recognition its getting in guinies book of records surely people will be curious as to what the game is like and want to play this. Has there been any word about releasing DBAC to the rest of the world just like taitos doin with the blazeblue sequal?

  2. onmode-ky July 1, 2011 at 9:36 am - Reply

    This record doesn’t make sense, since the original Darius consisted of three 4:3 monitors side by side, making for a 4:1 aspect ratio, greater than Another Chronicle’s 32:9. There was at least one other triple-screen game back then, too.

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