The Video Fever circa 1982

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It’s not the first time we have discussed a report from 1982 that covers arcade games – it seems that ’82 was the time the media really started to notice the craze (right before it crashed). If you haven’t already here’s a few blasts from the past: Footage from an arcade convention in 1982 from Chicago; a news report about arcades in the Netherlands from that year; footage from a Chuck E. Cheese in 1983; and these pictures from arcades at various times in the 80’s.

This video is a mash-up of sorts from a series of news reports by the ABC news station in L.A. from 1982. Unfortunately a few parts are cut short (forgivable since it was recorded by kids, I remember trying to record stuff correctly back in the day and it not always working out right) but for the most part you get 11 min. of classic arcade goodness. Too bad we never saw Taito’s Toasters And Chainsaws (for some reason they show Wild Western after mentioning that game) but perhaps the clever name alone wasn’t enough to carry the game anywhere. Video by shertz43


  1. editor August 15, 2011 at 4:58 am - Reply

    Thanks Guys for a great posting.

    This is a perfect example of the rush to profit that the early amusement trade experienced and why they are so indolent to admit that things have changed now!

    You were looking at Billions of Quarters (cash) going into coin-boxes across the States – rather than what we see with consumer gaming where the money has to be spread between the developer, publisher, duplication firm, retailer and console manufacturer.

    This ABC news report is interesting also to see that Bally/Midway was covered – the company had a dubious track record (remember they licensed Pac-Man and made Ms. Pac-Man illegally). The news report comes at a time when the US manufacturers had ‘skimmed’ so much off the pot that that the Japanese manufacturers had had to come over and run their own business (Taito/American, Nintendo America, etc.)!

    Funny how pinball in the report is treated as a historical amusement passing – the same way that media still covers pinball today! One wonders if the media just has no idea of the market and runs with the same old coverage.

    Hilarious to watch the Taito piece – especially how they try and pretend that they have big secrets to protect (remember 80% of their games came from Japan)! A case in point ‘Toasters and Chainsaws’ failed on test out the door and was scrapped! Many of the old executives currently in the trade will remember Jack… best I leave it there.

    This rear view mirror look at the amusement trade was fascinating – but just to end – the comment in the report about ‘corruption’ limiting licenses in certain states for amusement machines. That same situation still exists to this day!

  2. akella August 15, 2011 at 8:07 am - Reply

    Great post! Great video! It`s interesting to see how was it like in `82…

  3. Dave_K. August 21, 2011 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    Great video find, and excellent summary Mr. Williams! Yes, funny how they kept mentioning Chainsaws and Toasters as one of their prized secrets, only to have it never released. The media will sensationalize anything, as these early “segments” were more entertainment than actual news.

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