Race Simulator Center opening in Montreal Canada in November

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One part of the arcade experience that we occasionally touch on is the area of simulators. Simulating something from real life as closely as possible is something that can often be done pretty well in the out-of-home arena, especially where professional quality simulators can be very pricey.

If you live in or near Montreal, Canada then you’ll soon have a chance to experience a professional racing simulator as a part of Vortex Racing, a new business opening in November that will feature eight Hexatech full motion driving simulators by Cruden. Cruden has been at a couple of IAAPA shows from what I have seen and this will mark the first time that their simulators are making a big landing in North America. They already can be found at the Grand Pier in the UK.

As mentioned there will be eight simulators available,  “Six of the simulators are equipped with formula-style race car bodies while two ‘multipurpose’ simulators will be designated for professional use. All eight can be linked together and feature a variety of international race tracks and cars, allowing customers to progress up the ranks from Formula Ford 1600 to Formula One. ”  That progression will certainly be a big draw for replay value I imagine. The picture to the right was sent with the press release and shows what the Hexatrill units will look like at Vortex, if viewed from directly above. Click to enlarge. You can also see some pictures of what the units looked like at IAAPA, they can be modified with a different shell to fit the tastes of the operator.

You can read the press release below. We’ve seen other venues along these lines such as this one from a couple of years ago that had a big focus on NASCAR with specially made NASCAR simulation machines. I also remember the Indy 800 game that could be found at the Las Vegas Gameworks although I’m not sure if that qualified as being professional style simulation.Either way, venues that carry such technology are a rarity so I’m sure it will attract a lot of attention.

North America’s first race simulator centre using professional, motion racing simulators is announced.

Vortex Racing selects eight Cruden Hexatech simulators for new Montréal attraction; the simulator centre – designed for both thrill-seekers and professional race teams – is set to open in November.

New Montréal-based venture, Vortex Racing, will shortly take delivery of eight latest-generation Cruden Hexatech full motion driving simulators for a new motorsport attraction – the first of its kind in North America. The electromechanical, 6-DOF simulators are the exact same professional equipment that provide highly accurate force feedback and professional motion-cueing to racing drivers and engineers in Formula One and other international motorsport championships for training, race car development and off-track testing.

The centre is conveniently located at the Lachine Business Park close to the Montréal-Trudeau airport where it is expected to attract leisure and corporate guests from the local area as well as professional racing drivers and race teams from a wider catchment. Six of the simulators are equipped with formula-style race car bodies while two ‘multipurpose’ simulators will be designated for professional use. All eight can be linked together and feature a variety of international race tracks and cars, allowing customers to progress up the ranks from Formula Ford 1600 to Formula One.

The centre has been created by local entrepreneur and businessman, Mayer Soued: “As a former ski racer I appreciate how hard it is to create that special zone of total concentration where the whole world ceases to exist. The Vortex Racing simulator centre will provide its guests with this unique sensation. In creating our concept, we visited simulator centres and manufacturers in Europe, where the technology is the most advanced. We found the Cruden technology to be the best, especially because it meets the needs of businesses undertaking race car development and professional driver training. We aim to provide a Canadian-style, warm, welcoming environment to attract repeat business.”

Vortex Racing is the latest entertainment installation for Cruden which manufactures a number of distinctive attractions for major theme parks, simulator centres and karting venues, globally. “Cruden’s partnership with Vortex Racing marks a significant entry into the North American market for us,” says Frank Kalff, Cruden’s commercial director. “While video game-style simulators are popular in the United States and Canada with pro drivers and amateurs alike, there is no comparable venue where the public can access this kind of technology.”

Cruden is able to modify its simulators to exact specifications, supplying open or closed cockpits, fitting car bodywork or mounting actual vehicles into a motion platform. Its software offers a broad ‘pick and mix’ range of options which include vehicle models (the parameters for which can be changed extensively), tracks and race cars, and various other upgrades, available throughout the long life of the simulator. In addition to realistic noises, smell and lighting can be added to create the desired ambience.

People interested in learning more about the Vortex Racing centre should check its website www.vortexracing.ca, which will be live from October.

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About Cruden
Cruden is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of interactive, motion-based racing simulators. The company develops the most high tech, realistic and accurate professional equipment for the top levels of international motorsport, including Formula One, as well as vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. The same package is then made available to the global entertainment market and to private individuals to create a motorsport experience which simply does not compare with ‘games’ machines on the market. Cruden’s heritage is in the development of professional simulators for the aerospace, marine and automotive industries. Originating from Fokker Aircraft Company, the company was FCS Racing Simulation before becoming Cruden in 2006.www.cruden.com

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