Arcade Related Halloween Costumes

arcadehero October 8, 2011 0

Now is probably a good time to get an order in for a Halloween costume if you haven’t done so already. If I ever consider it, it’s usually too late (such as a day or two beforehand) although I have done something each year with the arcade, as the mall we are in does a trick-or-treat thing where each store hands out candy on Halloween. So it would make more sense for use to dress up as arcade characters. Here are some ideas from around the web (not all of them of course):

Pac-Man is a good starter, this set would work great for a group of friends or a family. GameSetWatch has a run-down on the many Pac-Man costumes to choose from.

Ryu/ Ken/ Chun Li – Just don’t dragon punch anyone in the street please.

Scorpion / Kitana – Speaking of fighters, how about some Mortal Kombat?

Mario / Luigi – While not typically associated with arcades due to many more console appearances, Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong and him and Luigi were in Mario Bros. (1983). Given Donkey Kong’s popularity, why not one person as Mario and the other in a gorilla costume with a barrel handy? Fortunately these are passable costumes, unlike Sega’s mascot Sonic, which is too hideous to post.

Old West Bartender (Tapper) – admittedly most people probably won’t see you as the bartender from Midway’s Tapper. He also had a blue vest and red bow-tie. But it would workor a Halloween Arcade party

Hatsune Miku – From the modern rhythm arcade game Project DIVA Arcade by Sega

From our archives, the potential Joust Halloween costume

Here’s another one from the archives a few years ago, the arcade cabinet costume.

Space Invaders

Yes there is a Whac-A-Mole costume

This is probably stretching it, but any Frog costume should work for Frogger.

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