Infinity Blade FX coming to Arcades; launches at Dave & Busters Oct. 28th

arcadehero October 13, 2011 2

(Thanks to Adrenaline Amusements for the info)

We heard a rumor about this a while ago on our forums but today brought confirmation that the popular iOS app by Chair and Epic Games Infinity Blade is coming to Adrenaline Amusements Touch FX  coin-op platform as Infinity Blade FX. This makes it the third title in the FX series after Fruit Ninja FX and Flight Control FX.As far as content goes however, this is certainly the most mature title of the three and it’s also significant as it gives us the first arcade RPG we’ll have seen in a while outside of Japan. You can see a brochure for the new title here; here is the official page for it on Adrenaline’s website.

According to Adrenaline Amusements, IBFX “…will have 120 units spreads across all of Dave & Busters and ready to be played by Oct 28. Plan yourself a visit”. The game will be publicly available for the first time at the GEEX show in Salt Lake City (I hadn’t been planning on going to the event but now that might change as I am in SLC) which starts tomorrow. If I can make it down there then I will get some video of it if they allow it. It also will be available at IAAPA but as it will be out at D&B before then you’ll probably get some hands on time with it very soon.




  1. Greenlig October 13, 2011 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    Now THIS is interesting. I would kill to see the numbers that these units are doing in the arcade. I really enjoyed Infinity Blade on my iPhone, and moving it to the arcade sphere will be a really good test for the arcade crowd – do these games make money? I’d love to be able to move away from the archaic notion that seems to plague game developers, where only Prize redemption, or big shooters, will make you money. Seeing top titles from other spheres making the jump is fantastic. Bravo Adrenaline, you are doing a good thing!!

    • arcadehero October 13, 2011 at 8:09 pm - Reply

      I have heard that Fruit Ninja FX has done really well, being played over a million times although I’m not sure how they are tracking that exactly. Still, what’s really big here is that all these D&B stores will be picking the game up. That was quite surprising. Obviously IB fits into a mature crowd and won’t work everywhere but it’s still big news that they have these already going into so many locations off the bat.

      I might get a chance to play this tomorrow at GEEX, if I can make it there in time. If not then Saturday.

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