Transformers Pinball Mini-Documentary

arcadehero October 21, 2011 0

(Thanks to DasBacon for the tip!)

Stern Pinball has just posted part 1 of a short documentary series they are making, giving us a behind the scenes look at their new Transformers Pinball game. It gives us a glimpse into the development process for modern Stern pinball machines, which is a nice treat we don’t get to see too often.

Before we get to that though I just wanted to mention something new that they have added to the game that actually does deal with modern technology, the use of QR codes. By scanning these in with your phone or other device that understands them, its supposed to somehow add extra features to the gameplay. has a few more details on these although what exactly they do in more detail isn’t really clear. They may have something to do with a special Transformers website Stern has setup although it doesn’t look like that is 100% ready to go yet. It’s nice to see them using integrating ideas like this into the new games as we can expect to find QR codes in other Stern machines down the road.

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