New arcade puzzle game Magical Beat being tested in Japan

arcadehero November 4, 2011 0

(Image via AM-Net Blog)

Arcade puzzle games don’t come around too often these days although over the past year or so they seem to be popping up with a little more frequency with the likes of Tetris Giant and maybe Bejeweled. This latest title is being tested in Japan and is called Magical Beat by Magical Bit Team. From what I can gather by trying to translate their tweets, it involves connecting falling colored blocks but music has something to do with it this time around. There are also bonus meters to fill and of course, competitive play where you can send blocks over to your opponent if you play right. Aside from that all we really know is it runs on Taito’s Type X2 hardware. It sounds like the game would be a good fit for the NESiCAxLIVE arcade download service but that logo isn’t on the poster. We don’t have any video of it in action yet but we have a pic below.

Update: Preview from Small Room Aries

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