Incredible Technologies Touts PowerPutt LIVE, Golden Tee Player of the Year

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One game we already know is coming in 2012 is a follow-up to one of Incredible Technologies somewhat new games, PowerPutt. But until today we didn’t really know much about the new game aside from it being an online enabled title and that at it’s heart it would continue to do for virtual mini-golf what Golden Tee has done for virtual golf. IT has unveiled more details behind the game, which I’m happy to share with you here.

Included are three new courses on top of the original three to bring the total to six; although the original three do have some tweaks to them. You can customize your golfer now but where the game really starts to jump ahead is with the online features. Players can track their stats and world ranking but they can also compete for cash on the daily tournaments held on the game. Talk about a method for drawing players into a location on a constant basis. You can compete as many times as you want a day and the cash purse starts at $200, divied up among the top 50 players with 1st prize landing $50 – but that is just at the beginning as it will increase as more units go online. That seems to be a great way to get operators to put the machines online as well. The game is coming out this March and will be playable at Amusement Expo that same month. More details can be found below in the press release.

Golden Tee Player of the Year, Andy Fox

But before that, another piece of news from Incredible Technologies -The Power Events Golden Tee Tour has passed and with it, two big winners. One was the winner of the Dallas Holiday Classic, Mark Stenmark of Houston, TX who won $2500 in cash. The second a winner was christened as Golden Tee Player of the Year. That honor was earned by Andy Fox of Minneapolis, MN. He won $2,300 in cash as well as a sweet trophy. A press release with the full details can also be found past the break below

Press Release #1 – PowerPutt LIVE



Contact: Gary Colabuono

Director of Marketing

847.870.7027 X 192

PowerPutt LIVE to Feature 6 Courses and New Daily Tournament

 Popular Demand Drives Re-Launch of Mini-Golf Powerhouse

 New Game to Be Displayed at Amusement Expo and Ship in Spring

 (January 5, 2012 – Arlington Heights, IL) PowerPutt LIVE is the newest hit game from Incredible Technologies.

When the original PowerPutt debuted from Incredible Technologies in the fall of 2008, players loved the life-like graphics and game play. It started with the game’s amazing attention to detail – this was real mini-golf in every sense of the term – and operators who believed in the game were rewarded with big cashboxes.

The original PowerPutt was designed as a stand-alone, offline game with three courses. PowerPutt LIVE includes the three original courses plus three brand-new layouts for a total of six.

“We’ve tweaked all the tee and pin positions on the original courses giving them a new look and feel, and the new courses are simply incredible.” said Jim Zielinski, award-winning designer and co-creator of PowerPutt LIVE. “When you add in all of the online functionality that players, locations and operators demand from on-premise games today, the end result is a unique, compelling entertainment experience that really gives operators their money’s worth.”

According to co-creator Ralph Melgosa, PowerPutt LIVE is more than just an update – it’s an entirely new game – and one that will stay fresh for a long time to come.

“Jim and I pulled out all the stops with PowerPutt LIVE,” he said. “Besides getting to play six courses, players can track their stats, customize their on-screen golfer, check their world ranking and compete for cash in a daily tournament with an all-new format. PowerPutt LIVE is unlike any other game in the field.”

The new daily tournament format is designed to encourage repeat play. Players can compete as many times as they’d like – since a bad game doesn’t hurt their chances of winning – and there is a new tournament every day. The new daily tournament also features an escalating cash purse starting with a minimum of $200. The top 50 players will win and the first-place prize begins at $50. As more games go online, and tournament entries increase, the tournament prize purse will increase as well.

Don Pesceone, senior VP of sales, said that once the word spreads among players that there’s a new game in town with a tournament with big cash prizes, interest in PowerPutt LIVE will skyrocket.

“The key is getting in early and taking advantage of being the first on the block with a hot, new game,” he said. “But it doesn’t begin and end with the tournament. PowerPutt LIVE also features FACTS LIVE and AdWiz LIVE. Operators can run their own local contests and promotions using FACTS LIVE, and with AdWiz LIVE they can download full-color ads and messages directly to their games. No more manual installation required.”

Pesceone went on to say that the combination of annual PowerPutt LIVE and Golden Tee LIVE updates will make it easy for operators to forecast cash flows all year long.

“Operators can count on a PowerPutt LIVE new courses update every spring. Coupled with a Golden Tee update in the fall, operators who take advantage of our no-money-down, 0% interest, monthly payment plans can avoid the rollercoaster cash-flow rides so common in our industry.”

Pesceone concluded by noting that the PowerPutt/Golden Tee pipeline will be flowing for many years to come.

“We believe in this industry, we believe in our customers and we believe in these two games. Incredible Technologies will be with you every step of the way.”

PowerPutt LIVE will be on display at the Amusement Expo and is scheduled to ship in March.

For more information on PowerPutt LIVE call the PowerPutt LIVE sales hotline at 800.262.0323 x 106 or visit the game’s official website at

PowerPutt LIVE Course Descriptions

Big Foot Bend – Excitement abounds in this wilderness setting where the strange and eerie lurk behind every tree!

King Putt’s Tomb – Be careful! The tomb of King Putt is cursed! Don’t stray – the desert waits if you hit your ball out of bounds!

Roadside 66 – All the roadside wonders of America are here! Giant lumberjacks, plastic dinosaurs and more!

Dusty Trail – I reckon if you tenderfoots can tame this course, you can play anywhere – just watch out for the coyotes!

Skull Island – Arrr…there be pirates here! Avast ye matey and shiver me timber!

Freaky Tiki – The drums are beating! Don’t incur the wrath of the mini-golf gods!



Contact: Gary Colabuono

Director of Marketing

847.870.7027 X 192

Dallas Holiday Classic Closes Out 2011 Golden Tee Tour

 Minnesota’s Andy Fox Wins Golden Tee Player of the Year Title

 (January 5, 2012 – Arlington Heights, IL) The results are in and it’s official: Golden Tee tournaments are alive and well.

After 12 months, 6 tournaments, hundreds of players, $100,000 in prize money and driving thousands of miles crisscrossing America, the Power Events Golden Tee Tour ended with a flourish over the weekend of December 9-11 at Volcano’s Bar and Grill in Hurst, TX.

Two major competitive events were held that weekend, the Dallas Holiday Classic and the Golden Tee Player of the Year Finals. A field of 93 players competed for over $25,000 in cash – the largest purse of the year.

The winner of the Dallas tournament was Mark Stenmark of Houston. Stenmark outlasted 2004 Golden Tee world champion Jeff Harlow of St. Louis to take the title and the $2,500 top prize.

But the action was far from over with Stenmark’s victory. For the past year players competing in the PEGT Tour accumulated points based on their finishes in the five prior tournaments. After the Dallas tournament ended the top 32 point winners were then seeded by total points and they competed for the Player of the Year title. When the dust cleared Andy Fox from Minneapolis was the last man standing and the POTY title was his. His accomplishment earned him $2,300, a set of Ping irons and the POTY trophy.

Gary Colabuono, marketing director at Incredible Technologies, the maker of Golden Tee, said that the PEGT Tour brings a level of excitement to the game that local contests just can’t generate.

“When you have a hundred guys in a room playing on 20 machines, whooping it up on every shot, you can really feel the excitement. It’s not just two buddies playing for a beer. There’s the thrill of victory at a high level and there’s big cash to be won. I encourage operators to contact Power Events to learn more about bringing a big Golden Tee tournament to one of their locations.”

To learn more about Power Events and the Golden Tee Player of the Year Tour visit their official website at

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