Museum of Soviet Arcade Games Gets a New Location

arcadehero March 23, 2012 0
Museum of Soviet Arcade Games Gets a New Location

For the past few years, we’ve occasionally heard about some retro and basically unknown arcade games that were made in Russia during the waning years of the Soviet Union. Back during the Golden Age of arcade games you didn’t hear about these games if you were in the West and years later, Russians who remember playing the machines as kids have been collecting them to host a museum in Moscow known as the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games. The last time we heard about the museum was back in 2010 when it was occupying an old bomb shelter but not long ago they moved the museum into a spacious  above-ground facility, where they have plenty of room to expand their collection for people to enjoy and perhaps relive some nostalgia.

It also provides some fascinating insight into how two societies at odds with each other, with opposite viewpoints on individual freedom created a new form of entertainment for people to enjoy. Both came up with their own unique ideas to appeal to people although when it came to quality and quantity, the West won out in a game they didn’t realize was even being played. has some nice pictures of the current museum and you can also see the latest additions to it all through the museum’s blog.

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