Videos of Real Steel and a few other Amusement Expo 2012 follow-ups

arcadehero March 29, 2012 0

It looks like post-Amusement Expo discussion isn’t over quite yet. We’ve discussed it a few times but so far we’ve not seen the game in action – Play Mechanix/ICE’s new Real Steel Videmption game. With some modifications/additions to the game, I’m sure it would make a fun regular video game as well. In a way the right modifications would make it a lot like Taito’s Sonic Blast Heroes, from what I imagine but without the risk of punching a bag. Graphics are really sleek and the punching device seems like it adds a great dimension to the game as well. This video is from one of our advertisers, They also posted a good video showing Big Buck HD – in HD to give a better taste of what this game is like in action as there was only one other video I’ve found posted of it so far.

Big Buck HD. Not having seen a lot of the new features in action yet I have to say that superficially, the graphics look really good. Always nice to see arcade games getting with the times in that regard (not that all new games have been bad graphically over the past few years but not many have been living up to modern standards).

Here’s a general overview of Amusement Expo 2012 (not by BMI) that shows some more Real Steel, the Teeter Tower Castle videmption game and a few others.

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