“The Arcade You Remember” In The Works For Raleigh, NC

arcadehero April 3, 2012 0
“The Arcade You Remember” In The Works For Raleigh, NC

Another arcade location is in the works, one that will be setup as a working museum, along the lines of a few other retro arcade museums we’ve reported on somewhat recently. This one is called “The Arcade You Remember” and they are currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. According to that site:

“I would like to build a place to showcase gaming works of art and history.  A kind of working museum that you can step into and relive the days when arcade games were in almost every gas station, grocery store, and restaurant – a better time.  A place where you can see and play these games, not with an emulator or piece of software, but as they were designed 30 years ago – with electricity flowing through the same circuits that have delighted thousands of gamers over the years. I feel that people would really appreciate coming and learning the history behind these machines and their designers in a place that inspires nostalgic feelings. “

There is a video and more details on the Kickstarter Project page, you can also visit their primary website here. We wish them the best of luck in the endeavor as they join the club!

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