Finding ReRave

arcadehero May 8, 2012 0
Finding ReRave

Every modern arcade game should have an online game finder. Now that sounds like an obvious thing to say but it still is not common to find with games these days. Now part of that is a problem that is usually inherent with arcade games – manufacturers sell games to distributors who turn around and sell them to customers. Those customers don’t always keep them in the location they originally went to and sometimes blind shipments are done so tracking a game can be difficult.

But that shouldn’t stop companies from setting up a way for people to report sightings of a machine they find or perhaps own “out in the wild”. That has been done some by Specular Interactive  in finding their H2Overdrive and Dirty Drivin’ games and more famously with Pac-Man Battle Royale and their Facebook app that allows users or locations to submit locations they find. Beyond that there are arcade site finders online where people can share such information but when it comes to official support, it is very sporadic to find such tools. That should not be the case and hopefully it won’t be long before every manufacturer has a way for people to submit locations for game tracking. It helps market the game as well as the locations that spent a pretty penny to carry the game in the first place.  I can’t think of a really good reason why such a thing should not be in place for all new arcade games, but someone feel free to give me a counterargument if you can think of one.

Anyways, to the real point of the post, Step Evolution & Coast to Coast Entertainment’s ReRave Arcade is the latest game to employ a game finder, which you can visit here @ the ReRave website. At the moment there are only 8 locations listed, but if any of you know of others that are out there and not listed, at least you can submit the location now. ReRave is online enabled as well, which assists in this location finding as well as offering free content downloads and global rankings.

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