GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2012 Part 2

arcadehero May 14, 2012 2
GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2012 Part 2

As promised, there was more that went on at the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2012 then our first post covered, here is more of what was on hand.

At IAAPA 2011 in November of last year I got to try out IGS’s 3D racing game Speed Driver 3 for the first time. I walked away with a good impression of the title, it’s more of a technical racer trying to get into Wangan Maximum Tune or Initial D territory. IGS is seeking to expand on that with Speed Driver 4: World Fever. This has added online play features and the graphics, judging by the video below are pretty good. Depending upon the final price this game might serve as a decent alternative to the costly WMMT4 and ID6 or 7 cabinets some might look at importing. Also where they translated 3 into English, there is a chance the same could happen for 4. I’m sure that the resident racing fans here would enjoy this one as well.

While this video for it is not from the Expo, this game pictured above called MuziBox was there. The cabinet design as well as the controls are similar to a music game we saw a couple of years ago called Mozarc by Hypaa. At first I actually thought that this was a Hypaa game but I did some digging and found out that it was developed by IGS. The control scheme is very similar to Mozarc, which used a plexiglass panel with cuts at certain points in it so it worked likea  keyboard over the screen. This gets rid of the specially cut panel and instead has a plexi strip for each key. Also they seem to have grabbed a big name or two for music licensing so that is always a plus. You can find an official site for the game here: MuziBox website. This is being manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Saint Fun IGS, Saint Fun is acting as an agent for the game in Taiwan (thanks for the correction ExpoFrontier)

I personally can’t stand the song being played here, that “You had a bad day” one-hit wonder but there are plenty of other songs available for it.

Speaking of Saint Fun, they had a booth with a racing game called Fast Beat Loop Racer. Here’s a close up of the cabinet, a picture of the game at the booth can be seen here.


From Sega Amusement’s Facebook page, MaiMai. We are still waiting to find out when this will be coming to the States as we have heard, although I imagine that it will be tested out somewhere here first and the release will depend upon the test.

A blog by the name of Sloanwang has some pictures of the games mentioned above. They also mention that the queues for Namco’s Dark Escape 4D were very long and people wanted to play the game so bad, apparently some paid to get into the expo just to check this game out.

They also have a picture of a four-player light gun game that used mounted light-guns and thus it’s a huge control panel.

I am still expecting more from GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2012 but its a matter of waiting so keep checking in!


  1. ExpoFrontier May 15, 2012 at 8:47 am - Reply

    MuziBox is manufactured by IGS, not Saint-Fun.

    Saint-Fun Corporation is the official agent of the “MuziBox” in Taiwan.

  2. Arcades4ever May 16, 2012 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Oh wow that muzibox game looks fun and it makes me think of Ubeat due to the screen being seen underneith the piano keys and almost simular layout, do ou know if its coming to the west arcadehero 🙂

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