Rhythm & Puzzle Blend Together with Magical Beat

arcadehero May 16, 2012 0
Rhythm & Puzzle Blend Together with Magical Beat

Back in November we ran some news about a new rhythm and puzzle game being tested out in Japan by Arc System Works called Magical Beat. Today, we have news about the impending release of the title via Taito’s NESiCAXLive arcade download service which will happen later this month. We also have a video of the game in action for the first time, which if you are looking for something a little different, here you go. Of course where it is available only through NESiCA and that is only in Japan currently, I don’t think we will see this out West anytime soon.

The one song featured here is quite um…cute I suppose. I imagine that a lot of the music is along the same lines but the combination of these two genres should work out pretty well. For those interested, here is the official site for the game.

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