Videos of the games of GAGA2012

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Videos of the games of GAGA2012

It’s been difficult to get more information on what was at the recent amusement trade show in China, GAGA2012. But enough time has passed that I’ve been able to scrape up a little more information.

First off, Sealy is a company I learned about not too long ago and they had a booth at IAAPA in Orlando this past November. First video below is a fighting game they have made in the vein of SSFIV. The second video is something that looks like their own version of Reflec Beat, or perhaps it is Reflec Beat, I’m not sure.  I am also not sure what the deal is with these videos, for some reason there is no sound for a couple of moments and it seems to be playing in slow-mo but then it speeds up and is fine. This fighter of theirs is obviously inspired by SSFIV although at least it’s not a direct bootleg so they have that on their side. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they have come up with completely original character design – about 1:30 in the second video there is a guy that looks like Raiden from MK. At least it looks decent graphically though.

Speaking of fighters, Namco’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited was there.

Wahlap’s Top Star. No sound for the first minute on this one too. This guy almost looks bored playing the game, but that might be because the video runs slowly for the first minute as well. In the background you can also see Adrenaline Amusement’s Infinity Blade FX

Hey look, a game that wishes it was Project DIVA Arcade. Nice Engrish at the very end there.  It was next to some sort of shooter game but no good glimpse of that one.

Another DJ game where I do not know the name.

And in terms of DJ games, it’s out in Korea, Japan and the US, so why not China – PentaVision’s DJ Max Technika 3

A new motorcycle game, video runs slow w/o sound for the first minute

Some weird game that is Simon Says with cute goat characters. It’s called Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.

Apparently the characters from this game also star in their own kart racer. This pic also shows Dirty Drivin’ to the side.

In case you need a break, a video of some badly co-ordinated dancers on stage for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Maybe they had to come up with it on the fly or they had just an hour or two to practice. Or maybe they just plain suck at dancing.

And if you want to virtually dance, there is Dancing Forever. When you can dance the night away and then some

Eschewing videos for the moment, Huatong Technology, who developed Oriental Legend 2 among other games had their latest 2D brawler on hand, Knights of Valour 3. They also had Namco’s Final Turn, which was not released out West as far as I know. This game is a sequel to the Final Lap series, the first game released to use networking. [Source:]

UNIS was there with some stuff that is not currently published on their website. They have worked with Taito before, carrying Dariusburst AC in China and now it looks like they are doing the same with Block King. They also had a rhythm game, Drum Dancing Max on hand. [Source:]

That’s all I could gather together for now. Not too many really different games that I’m seeing as there is an influx of rhythm game copy-cats that are flooding the market there more than before. I know a few North American companies had a presence there – Adrenaline Amusements, Stern Pinball and Raw Thrills But I haven’t seen much from what they had there aside from the background glances above. Until the next show, which is probably the IAAPA sponsored one in Hong Kong next month!


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