MoCap Game’s Sci-Shoota VR Game In Action

arcadehero June 16, 2012 3
MoCap Game’s Sci-Shoota VR Game In Action

Almost a month ago we revealed that MoCap Games was scheduled to demonstrate the latest in their motion capture technology at an IAAPA event in Hong Kong this month. That event took place last week and we have the first exclusive look at their new Sci-Shoota hardware and game in action, thanks to The Stinger Report.

As you can see from the video below, they have created a first person shooter that uses a VR headset combined with mechanical arms that fit onto the player to accurately track their movement. In the game the players have a shield linked to their left hand and a gun in their right, one of the controls has a thumbstick for player movement. As the players just sit on the rotating seats, no need for an elaborate (and expensive) way to get them to walk in place for in game movement. Any venue interested in a high technology setup like this where the equipment can be supervised could benefit from a unique hardware package like this although what comes to mind is the cost.

Even though this is being shown in Asia for the first time that does not mean it will be limited to that region as MoCap Games sells worldwide.

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