Multi-Interest Post: Fighting Tournaments, BattleBlock Theater Arcade, Speed of Light goes to FB

arcadehero July 19, 2012 0
Multi-Interest Post: Fighting Tournaments, BattleBlock Theater Arcade, Speed of Light goes to FB

There are a few Stinger Newsfeeds I’ve been neglecting so let’s wrap them up into one little fuzzball of a post.

Newsfeed 1220-23 via The Stinger Report

Fighting To the Top – An article found on The Verge that deals with the worlds top fighting game players, how they get there and maintain the position. It interviews several top people involved in the tournament scene, including Ryan Hart, Ryan Ramirez, Rame Jeboo,  and Justin Wong.  The article dives into the details of the thought processes of being a tournament fighter, how you need to learn the ins-and-outs of a game and also know your opponents and what it is that they might do as their next move even to the point of understanding the technical aspects of a game. Great read that also in a way spotlights the convergence of arcade and console gaming although since arcade developers have pretty much given up on both fighting games and players out West, it’s mostly the console side. Kevin also points out that one arcade cabinet seen in the article is made by an Australian company called Arcadeworx, which specializes in designing custom arcade cabinets.

I saw this on Twitter the other day filling up a slow news cycle, Four year old gets stuck inside of a crane machine. I would add ‘again’ although it’s not the second time the toddler has done this, just yet another instance of a child crawling into a crane machine to feast upon the joy inside. These make the news every time they happen but fortunately every time it does occur no harm comes to the child.

News about the Battleblock Theater Arcade cabinet but mostly about the game finally coming to home console. Since I doubt we’ll ever see a wide release cabinet for something like this or Castle Crashers, I just give this a shrug as it’s barely even worth mentioning again for the purposes of this blog.

For something related to the industry, LAI’s popular (and probably most successful game since Stacker) Speed of Light game now has a Facebook page for users to post their high scores on. They will be giving away an iPad monthly so if you come across the game, it can’t hurt to snap a shot of your score.

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