Golden Tee 2013 Launching In September

arcadehero August 3, 2012 1
Golden Tee 2013 Launching In September

I’m sure the following news will be absolutely shocking but there is a new version of Golden Tee on it’s way, slated for a September release (You can pick your jaw up off the floor now). OK, so dumb sarcasm aside, for an operator or bar owner out there into the latest Golden Tee has to offer, the yearly updates certainly are welcome news as they will mean an up-tick in earnings. So far I can’t find any information on 2013 being more than a course update package with five new courses on the slate but they will reveal more soon beyond that as they can add new online features or new game modes without a problem. Graphically the game hasn’t improved as they have not released new hardware updates to make it easier (and cheaper) to do the said updates. Incredible Technologies is bringing back an upgrade program they call Awesome Draw, where operators who place an order for the update by October 12th will be put into a drawing to win any number of big prizes, such as a full cabinet of GT 2013 LIVE or the new PowerPutt LIVE and more.

Here is the collection of videos showing off the courses that IT has released so far. Like with previous installments of the game over the past five years, the cabinet comes as a pedestal that you get your own monitor for and the LIVE version is only for commercial businesses to use but they do have some home models that people can get for that purpose if they so desire. You can visit the official Golden Tee website here.


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  1. Mark Johnston December 1, 2012 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    I need pricing on a commercial model of Golden Tee 2013.

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